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The Schultz House
on the web

“A Wright House for our Family”, The Christian Science Monitor,
is my wife, Cindy La Ferle’s, perspective of living in a Wright House.

Anna Brooks wrote about her experience as landscape designer for the
Carl Schultz House this article for The Designer magazine. 

The Schultz House is one of the houses visited in a FLW road trip
documented on this website.

Peter Beers has a beautiful website with quite a few Frank Lloyd Wright
related links including his visit to the Schultz House in 2003.

The Schultz House is often listed in an inventory of work by Frank Lloyd Wright
including Wikipedia listings in chronological order here and by location here.

The Schultz House is listed on the beautiful Triangle Modernist Houses site here.

The Carl Schultz House is also mentioned in this article in the LA Times.

This article on the Boswell House in Indian Hill, Ohio, designed by Wright the same year
notes the similarities between the it and the Schultz House.

The Schultz House is included in listings of Wright designed houses in Michigan
in the the All Wright Site 

The Schultz House is also listed on the Michigan Modern website.